Model Talk: What is an "Aspiring Model"?

What is an aspiring model. While searching for models for my photo project I have been flooded with emails from "aspiring" models. It made me think is an aspiring model really a model. Does an aspiring model have the right to answer casting calls for models.

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Aspire: to aim to become. I was once an aspiring photographer once upon a time. I bought a camera, invested time and energy in myself and one day someone saw a camera in my hands and asked "are you a photographer?" My answer was yes. I didn't answer that I was an aspiring photographer. I had a camera. I knew how to take pictures and I was ready to work. Plain and simple I was a photographer. I was not an experienced photographer but a photographer nevertheless

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If you wanted to be a makeup artist, you would either apprentice under someone, go to a makeup/beauty school or teach yourself. Once your training was over and you had started building your kit you would start calling yourself a makeup artist. Funny thing is that when I ask makeup artists in training what they do they usually answer that they are learning makeup. I am yet to hear someone call themselves an aspiring makeup artist

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Therefore I have to wonder what exactly is this trend in the modeling industry. When does one transition from aspiring to full model. What exactly does it take to be a model?

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My advice to my aspiring models. Lose the aspiring in your title. It's either you are a model or not. Aspiring model is not a job title. Instead get some classes, sign up for some workshops, get some professional images done, invest in yourself and maybe you'll get your first gig and truly be able to call yourself a model

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