Happy Birthday Etiko Qudus Ayoola // Portrait Session

I met Ayo about 8 years ago. At the time, I didn't really think we were going to end up being the good friends that we are today. Ayo was very different from the crazy that I called friends during those days. He had (and still has) this calm quality to him that I have come to appreciate over the years.

Ayo is a good friend, a confidant, an inspiration, a sounding board, a talented makeup artist, an even more amazing hair stylist, a shrewd business man and an amazing human being.

Since starting my photography business, I have come to appreciate his friendship even more. He inspires me to do better; he gives me advice when I really need it and he's always there with a pep talk when it counts

So I'm very happy to be celebrating this special day with an all round amazing person

Happy Birthday Etiko Qudus Ayoola

NISM Queen Janet Ogum // Studio Portrait Session

I have a lot of friends who run pageants. As my business has grown, I've come to call some of these friends clients. One of these friends runs the Nigeria International Super Model pageant. I was so excited (and humble cos I'm cool like that) when I was called to come shoot the current queen Miss Janet Ogum. She's such a fun person to work with and we had a blast creating these awesome portraits.