Portrait Shoot with Ifex Fabian

I met Ifex Fabian at the recently concluded Mr Universe Nigeria 2014 pageant. He was representing Imo State. During the first portrait session I had with the contestants, he stood out to me. His eyes, his personality, his smile...... you get the gist.

I was told to pick who had the best portrait and I picked him. We made plans to meet up for a portrait shoot after the competition and work on some more images for his portfolio

Portrait Shoot Gear

My portrait gear consists of a 5D Mark II, an 85 f1.8 and a 50 1.4. For portrait shoots, I tend to work with mostly primes


Model: Ifex Fabian
Makeup: Leke Shades

My portrait style is very simple. I tend to work with just one light and most of the time this is natural light. I find that using natural light gives the images a very realistic feel. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with strobes. I do use strobes when the situation calls for it but my preference is still to use the light that is available in the environment naturally


Anyway back to the shoot. We started off with some simple head and body shots. Here the light is coming from a large window camera left. This replicates the feel of a large soft box. I placed Ifex at the edge of the light and created a nice split light effect on his person. However, this was a bit too much contrast so I brought in a large silver reflector camera right to give some fill.

You can see some of the images below.

ifex portrait shoot 01 ifex portrait shoot 04 ifex portrait 06 ifex portrait 08 ifex portrait 10

We then went outside to get some environmental shots. When working outside I try to find natural reflectors to use such as a white wall, a grey floor. Something to throw light back into my subject. this way I can focus more on posing rather than gear

ifex portrait 30 ifex portrait 32 ifex portrait 33 ifex portrait 35 ifex portrait 40 ifex portrait 44 ifex portrait 46

To see the rest of the images from our shoot click here.

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