Why NOW is the perfect Time to be a Photographer

I spend a lot of my time engrossed in the online world of photography, design and social media. It comes with the territory of being an aspiring professional photographer. Sometimes it feels like I eat, drink and breathe inspiration, ideas and advice.

But for every inspiring, informative and genuinely useful article I read, there is another article full of negativity and dissolution at the state of the creative industry.

From the smallest independent blogs, to the most established magazines and journals, you can’t go a day without reading something about the demise of professional photography, the curse of the Internet or the increasing accessibility of technology making the professional artist an endangered species.

YouTube is killing musicians. Instagram is killing photographers. Facebook and Pinterest are destroying the very idea of copyright and ownership. Cheap equipment now means anyone can do it, and they will do it, all for free.

If you believe all of this, then you might as well stop taking photos, stop making music. There is no point. Give up. The industry is dead and you are with it.

Pshhh. Please.

Technology is a gift. We are able to spread our work across the world, to thousands, perhaps millions of people in seconds. Free services like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are bringing photography to everyone like never before. Photography and music have never been more important to the average person, more integral to everyday life, because it has never been so accessible.

More people are capturing memories. More people are capturing the awesome photography bug. And that’s fantastic. I view that as being only a positive thing. The potential market for people selling and buying photography has never been broader.

Just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean that everyone has the talent, the vision, the knowledge and sheer determination to actually be great at it. Not everyone with a smart phone wants to be a professional photographer. Stop seeing them as a threat, and start seeing them as a customer. Technology will only go so far. The people who are snapping away aren’t a threat to the creative industry. In the same way that Instagram and cheap DSLR’s arn’t a threat to professional photography.

The audience for truly great work has never been bigger. Artists, musicians, photographers need to stand up, and sell to that frankly ginormous audience. Make every person you meet see the value in your work, and in you.

Shout louder, shoot better. Create the best possible work you can, and stand by it. Do everything you can to shine, and stand out from the crowd.

All it takes is hard work, determination and an open and positive attitude to sharing your work with as many people as you can. Help others, inspire others. Share tips and tricks, give feedback. It has never been easier to create and collaborate. There is no excuse not to be out there making a name for yourself.

There are more people out there looking for you than ever before, and you have the most effective tools available to create awesome work and get it out there where so many people can see it.

There has never been a better time to be a photographer.

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