Restart on my Life + New Gear.

Today the June 12th marks the end of 5 years 1 month of working in a corporate audit firm. I finally got the courage to take my future in my hands and quit my job. Quitting my job brought a whole bunch of feelings: fear, excitement, uncertainty. But I know it was one of the best decisions I could have made. Working in a corporate organisation taught me a lot of things but alas it was not for me.

One of the greatest things I've learned from the last 5 years is that if you are not doing what you love, then you will never be happy. I remember being in office during the week; counting the days till the weekend when I could be reunited with my wonderful camera and lenses. My dad always says that nobody enjoys going to work seven days a week. On the average you should enjoy going to work 4 days a week. When you don't enjoy going to work not even one day a week (which was my situation), then you need to make a change.

So I made a change. I quit my job. I made the decision to be a full time photographer. What kind of photographer? Right now, I'm stuck between weddings and portraits. Who knows I might end up doing both. But at least I'm on the right path now. So first order of business on my new photography journey. GEAR. Which photographer doesn't love new gear. I ordered a bunch of gear and as if by some divine sign, my gear arrived today my last official day of employment.

I ordered my gear from B&H and shipped it through Circuit Atlantic Limited. All my gear arrived in tip top shape

All my gear all laid out. I'm so excited

First off, my Pocketwizards. I wanted to go for the Plus IIIs but because of my budget I had to spring for the Plus Xs. I ordered four to get me started

I'm gonna be needing a lot of batteries so I ordered me 20 Watson NiMH rechargeable batteries

I'm a big fan of prime lenses. I already own the 50 1.4 so I ordered myself the 85 1.8. Now all I need is the 28 1.8 and I'll be solid

I also got myself two 45 inch impact Black and White umbrellas for my lighting needs. Umbrellas are the most versatile lighting modifies you can get. Next is a ram upgrade from my Macbook pro 13-inch. I had already upgraded the HDD to an SSD so the next thing was to upgrade the ram from 4gb to 16gb. I also ordered myself a blue yeti USB microphone. I considered getting the blue snowball but at the last minute the price of the price of the Yeti dropped. Talk about lucky

I have been using a backpack to carry my gear and let me tell you, It's a pain have to drop the bag and unzip to change lenses during an event. So I decided to splurge for a new bag. I got the idea for the Tenba from Ryan Greenleaf's blog. He's one of the photographers that featured on Jasmine Star's ReSTARt on CreativeLive. Next on my list was a Wacom Intuos 5 touch small. Everyone say's that if you're gonna be retouching then you're going to need a tablet so I ordered myself one

The Rogue Flashbender XL for those times when I want to make use of my speedlights but get tired of using the umbrellas. Also got the Rogue gel kit for situations where I need to balance my flash with the ambient light

The next two items I got were for my photobooth. I intend to write a blog post in the future explaining how I go about setting it up. I got the inspiration for the photobooth from Fstoppers' How to be a Commercial Wedding Photographer DVD

I can't wait to put all this new gear to good use. It's going to be a blast